A dinner prayer ...

She was quiet when she entered the house. Visibly pregnant and taking it all in with eyes wide open, she found a chair in the family room and settled in. I introduced myself, and then told her I’d be back in a few minutes. She didn’t say much and occasionally would overhear someone telling a story and a beautiful smile would slowly break through. Her cousin brought her this night, so she had one person by her side that was safe.

It was almost six o’clock and everyone was hungry, and asking if it was ready to eat. When I walked into the family room to make the announcement that we were ready to pray and serve dinner, something hit me like a ton of bricks. You see when several teen moms come together, that comes with several diaper-clad little ones. It seem all the littles decided that was the time to make messy diapers. I announced that all babies needed to be changed as quickly as possible, and once every one was “fresh” we would pray and get on with our evening.

It was during this time that I pulled a chair up next to our newest friend and reintroduced myself. “Hi, I’m Lisa. Let me see if I can remember your name. Is it Dana?” Another beautiful smile emerged on her face and she nodded yes. Oh, there is something so special about someone knowing your name. I asked her how far along she was and learned that she was having a little boy. She beamed with pride as she told me.

Before we could say much more, all the moms gathered around us and announced the babies were fresh and could we PLEASE pray and eat?! I began to pray, but I felt strongly led to pray for Dana and this little guy that she was carrying. “God protect them during these months. Keep him safe and strong inside his mother. Give her wisdom for her next steps. Thank you for keeping them safe to this point. We praise you for this life.” Then it hit me, I was supposed to be praying over our dinner! I continued praying for her and her son because in my spirit I knew it needed to happen, and then closed with, “…and God thank you for this food we are about to receive. In Jesus name we pray, Amen!” I looked up and Dana’s eyes were glistening as she exclaimed, “Can I just hug you? How could you have known? You don’t know what we have been through and how we needed that prayer! Thank you so much!”

I’m so thankful for that moment, the moment I started praying for what the Holy Spirit was leading me to, instead of our dinner. In that moment something special happened. I felt Jesus in such a strong way, and I believe Dana felt Jesus to. After dinner, we worked on #projecthankful and then took down prayer requests and prayed as a group. Dana shared about the uncertainty of her life since finding out she was pregnant, the turmoil, the safety issues, the concerns she had for her and her family. That prayer came from God, and it was not for me, but for this young mother to be.

*Dana’s real name has not been used in this article