Diaper Duty

Did you know infants require up to 12 diapers per day, toddlers about eight? Diapers cannot be obtained with food stamps, and are classified as cigarettes, alcohol and pet food as disallowed purchases. Diapers cannot be purchased through government assistance programs such as WIC (women infants children).

What is the cost? Diapers are expensive! Disposable diapers cost up to $100 per month per baby, and cost exponentially more at an inner city convenience stores than they do at a big box store or online. One out of three families struggle to buy diapers.

What about cloth diapers? For sanitary reasons, coin-operated laundromats often do not allow customers to wash cloth diapers. Many of our families do not own washing machines, and most licensed daycares do not accept cloth diapers.

If a family cannot afford diapers a baby will spend extended periods of time, sometimes days at a time, in the same soiled diaper. Babies who remain too long in a soiled diaper are exposed to potential health risks. When money is tight, having to choose between buying food or buying diapers is a terrible option – yet an all-too-common one. By doing something so simple as donating a pack of diapers (open packs are fine too!) you can make a difference.

On Friday nights, when our families gather Around the Table they have the option of shopping our giving counter which contains formula, diapers, wipes, and food. This counter is stocked through generous donations from our friends and community. Would you consider running a diaper drive in your neighborhood, at your church, or office? We are currently in need of diapers sizes 2-5 and wipes. Please let me know if you are interested in helping. And to those of you who have dropped off diapers on our porch, we thank you for thinking of us.

*Source: National Diaper Bank Network