Genesis 6, the Kitchen Table & Our Name

I prayed for a long time about the name of the ministry God had placed in my heart. Not just any name would do, it had to have meaning. On March 7, 2014, I was reading Genesis 6 and when I came to verse 8 it caused me to pause, “But Noah found grace in the eyes of the Lord.” As I looked up the meaning of grace I read that it meant favor. I believe that we have favor with God, and that it is because of his saving grace that we can have relationship with him. This verse made me think back to a time when my boy was small and we were just getting established in a place of our own.

It was a sunny Saturday and we were going to garage sales with hope of finding a kitchen table. As my boy and I walked up this particular driveway I spotted it and I knew right away it was the one I would buy. That was until I saw the price. This table was gorgeous! It was dark wood with two leafs, and had eight chairs. Why in the world would this family of two want a table of that size? I’ll get to that.


The price was more than I could afford, but I approached the woman hosting the sale. She was older, late eighties, and she loved to chat with all of her customers. I expressed my delight over her gorgeous table, but told her I could only afford what I had with me that day. She asked why I would want such a large table for my little family. It was in this moment that I was allowed to share my heart with this sweet soul. While my family was comprised of two, I had big hopes that someday there would be a husband and many more in my quiver. I could envision us all sharing meals and life around the table.

Grace Adams leaned in close that day and told me for more than sixty years her children and grandchildren had sat around that table and done the very thing I dreamed of doing. She made a deal with me that if I promised to use the table the way I had explained then she would sell it to me for what I had in my pocket. The table was in our home for a dozen years before needing to be replaced, but I have never forgotten Grace Adams, and have shared many meals around the table, my family just looks different than I envisioned.

Back to March 7, 2014, it occurred to me that since the beginning of the year I had called our Friday dinners “Around the Table” because we believe that is where a lot of life takes place, and those were the very words I had discussed with Grace Adams all those years ago. It was that morning that God gave me the name “Grace’s Table”. This will be the home where mothers and their children come to live and experience hope, learn they are valued, and identify their God-given purpose for this life. Thanking God for giving birth to this dream and for providing the perfect name.

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