Bind up the Broken Places

Some days come with an ache that can't be eased and with tears you've tried to hide. There are average days where these feelings rise to the top, but holidays always give these feelings extra strength, and on Father's Day the tears fall, but this usually happens in privacy and it is not often talked about. This day brings up a lot of feelings for you and me.

For me the ache was fueled by watching a son grow up without his father. Behind chubby cheeks and bright eyes filled with hopefulness that one day his Daddy would choose him, I watched him try to sort out his feelings. The teen years came and when celebrating my Dad or other family members on Father's Day I would see both sadness and anger in my boy. Frustration that he didn't know how to reconcile. Oh how I wish I could take this pain from you. God, heal his hurt.

Still today, I pray for my son's Father. I pray that God will heal the wounds that are present in both his life and our son's. Healing and reconciliation are the cry of my heart for my boy and his Dad. I know my boy is loved by both his parents and that we have loved him the best way we know how.

God, you are a Father to the Fatherless and the great healer and we need You. We need men to step into the lives of our children who can lead and love them well and be a beautiful reflection of your love. We need You to heal the hurt and bind up the wounds that for some have been etched into their hearts for years and others where the wounds are just being formed.

Dear Mamas, I know it is hard to be strong all the time, but you don't have to be. God designed us to lean on him and welcomes us to hide in his protection and He will be strong for us. Love your babies well and talk with God about the sadness you may be experiencing today and pray over your kiddos that our Heavenly Father would heal the hurt.

With love on this day,