We Pray

We pray to you today, oh Lord
Our hearts breaking, eyes weeping, souls stirring
We pray for our enemies, we pray for those who persecute us
We pray to the God of all Comfort to comfort our brothers and sisters in their mourning
We pray that you would bestow on them a crown of beauty instead of ashes
We pray that you would give them the oil of joy instead of mourning
We pray that you would give them a garment of praise in place of a spirit of despair
— http://onechurchliturgy.com

One by one they open the front door and make their way to the kitchen. It is where conversations happen. This is the place where prayer happens, and hugs take place when there just are no need for words, and it is where our souls and bellies get filled up.

Propped up against the counters, the girls and I begin to talk. We are catching up on the week and the conversation turns heavy - Charleston. It is on everyone's mind and we need to talk about it. We need a safe space to talk about it though and that is what we have created. There is frustration, fear, anger, and sadness. We talk about justice and injustice, and we ask why. We talk about race and the way several recent situations have been handled that we do not understand.

We give voice to our frustrations. Not everyone agrees on how things should be handled, but everyone is able to share their feelings and opinions. This is the beauty of our community. Having hard conversations is uncomfortable, but so good and I'm incredibly thankful that this space exists and fosters this type of conversation.  

My prayer is that these conversations would continue to take place and that we will ask hard questions, say the hard things and be raw with honesty about our lives, this world and our questions. We are still sorting through all that happened that day, but while we work through it we pray and continue to talk. There are times I do not know what or how to pray and I go to scripture or written prayers to follow. A friend shared A Call to Worship for the Tragedy in Charleston and I took comfort in having a prayer to recite.  Maybe you will to.