You are Enough! a mentor's reflection (Part 2)

As meals were done being snapchatted and enjoyed that evening, slowly mom after mom began gathering together in a semi-circle and together we found ourselves speaking words of affirmations to one another, words of being enough. 

Initial affirmations of the everyday from their community. Words, phrases spoken that were strong enough, as one mama shared, "to carry us through".

As each and every young woman received their blessing from each and every one of their friends, so was an affirmation of enoughness offered to the group as a whole.

This affirmation, an edited work of Sarah Bessey, was spoken out loud, with belief and trust in the message being offered,

Stop waiting for someone to say that you count, that you matter, that you have worth, that you have a voice, that you have a place, that you are important. Stop waiting for someone else to validate the person that you already know you were made to be.  Stop holding your breath, working to earn others approval, waiting for someone else to tell you that you are worthy, that you are loved, that you are free.

Because, darling, you are valuable. You have worth, not because of your gender or who people think you are or your marital status or your labels or who you know or your checked-off boxes of accomplishments.

You have value beyond all of that. You abide in love, you can rest in your God-breathed worth.

Let me remind you: you are loved. And you are free

As you take small moments to reflect into the coming season of celebration and a new year, will you show her she is enough?

Will you please consider being a voice that speaks of enough?

Will you be a voice to speak favor and acknowledgement for a young woman of Grace's Table. A young woman who just needs to hear that she is enough as a woman, a child of God, and a mother every once in awhile?

Will you take some time to walk alongside her, to recognize her with the greatness and significance they already offer the world and their children?

Will you be the voice that speaks those words into her life each and every week, "You are enough"?

We have an incredible opportunity to show the love of Jesus to young mothers and their tinies, and we want to invite YOU to do that with us! Please take a moment and consider these words, will you?