It's the story we all fear accidentally over-hearing, for when we hear we are responsible to listen. 

It's the story of parental abuse and neglect, of basic lack of care, of simply looking the other way.

It's the story of loss and grief, of primary, secondary and tertiary trauma.

It's the story that could have repeated itself given all the right circumstances and basic review of the facts. 

Teen mom gives birth to daughter and in good time, daughter becomes a teen mom.

It's the story that could have been another case study for cyclical poverty and child protective service involvement.

But she didn't allow that cycle of abandonment and neglect to continue, even in the face of significant barriers and obstacles.

She chose to own her story, to fight for her daughter.

She chose to own her family, to believe that she can and will do better and she chose to stand firm in the belief that it all begins with her.

As you think about where you will invest your time and energy in 2018, we encourage you to consider walking with a teen mom and her little one.