At times it is hard to believe that just a few short years ago there was one mom and child sitting at our table. 

Because of YOU hundreds of mothers and hundreds of children have been nourished, loved, and walked with over these past few years at Grace's Table.

Girls like Abby. 

Struggling with depression and social anxiety, Abby craved a one to one connection with a mentor.

This year she secretly delivered a child and placed the baby for adoption. She is broken hearted and continues to meet with her mentor for support. She is working up the courage to go to counseling but the grief is too thick right now. 

While we celebrate life with a lot of mamas, we also stand with them and grieve loss. Girls like Abby are adjusting to a rapidly changing world. Some celebrate life, and some heave sobs from the deepest place over inconceivable loss.

Girls like Abby are adjusting to their bodies as they change to carry life. While others try to understand their now empty bodies, their minds run wild trying to adjust to the loss of life once carried deep within.

Girls like Abby shed tears of joy over a tiny hand that touches their face. While others with broken hearts and outstretched arms try to make sense of the child they are placing in another's arms for adoption. And, hearts broken, some girls struggle to say goodbye to their babies delivered a few months too early.

Girls like Abby are in need of belonging. A soft place to land. A steady place to rage. A community to hold the pieces while she frantically tries to gather all the fragments of a shattered heart. She needs friends turned family who will celebrate this unknown journey she embarks upon.

YOU have provided a safe place for Abby at Grace's Table and our hearts are full with gratefulness.

There's still time this year to help girls like Abby. You can help us finish strong, and grow to serve many more girls in the years ahead! We have already done so much together, and we know there is so much more we will do!

Will you help a girl like Abby today? Please click here to make a special year-end donation to continue providing safe space for girls in the years to come.

With Gratitude,
Lisa E. Anderson