Be the One

Today I am asking you to Be the One. It will change the future of unborn children and their mothers. 

For a moment, I want you to focus on just one girl.

Angel is 15 years old. She has suffered unimaginable trauma and every day she finds herself lost in her thoughts longing for a way out, hoping to one day know what it feels like to be loved and belong.

Her frame is childlike with the exception of her protruding belly hiding under her sweatshirt.

Can you see her?

Today she learned two earth shattering truths: she is pregnant with twins; and her Granny kicked her out. What now?

Grace's Table offers pregnant and parenting girls between the ages of 13-24 a safe harbor, an anchor in the storm, for many like Angel, it's a literal life line.

We focus on five key areas with each girl: self-discovery, motherhood, education, career, and spiritual exploration.

Will you Be the One to say yes to Angel and her twins? 


We are looking for 50 people to partner with us monthly. Your monthly gift of $83.33 ensures mothers like Angel receive quality care as they navigate adolescence and motherhood. Each mother will receive personalized care and case management, along with incredible life skills courses to help them grow both individually and as a mother. Will you be the one?


This year 100% of the moms that were working on finishing high school completed their education. 50% are working with mentors to begin college in January. When you say you want to BE THE ONE, you are ensuring she has the resources she needs to focus on her education. Sometimes that means mental and emotional support, and other times it means physical support. Your gift of $1,500 ensures a girl like Angel can access professional counseling and ongoing care throughout the year. Your partnership means a brighter future for young families. Will you be the one?


Grace's Table is a place of belonging before believing. You've heard us say that Tuesdays are for Teen Mamas and on those nights we are exploring the Bible. A young mother recently shared she likes Tuesday nights because she can stop in the middle of the study and ask questions. She is learning through reading the Bible, journaling, and activities that help her relate to the text. Will you ensure that Angel has the opportunity to understand that God is for her and her babies? Your partnership makes an eternal impact on everyone who sits at Grace's Table. Will you be the one?

You've read about a lot of support that Grace's Table can offer Angel and girls in our community who find themselves pregnant or parenting, but Angel needed something more.

Angel needs housing.

A place to let the dust settle, to stabilize, and where healing can begin. She needs shelter. Home.

Housing has always been one of our goals. If you would like to play an even bigger part in the vision of Grace's Table please reach out and let's connect to discuss what the future holds. It's pretty exciting!

Thank you for your generosity on this #GivingTuesday and every day!