Every mom needs a Grace's Table in their life!

Earlier this week in the midst of a meeting my phone started blowing up!

Text messages, emails, facebook messenger. Someone was using every avenue they had to get my attention.

It was one of the Mamas who has found belonging at Grace's Table. She said, “Something told me I needed to share this with you today".

And something tells me I should share it with you. It is your support that has made this possible, and it is your ongoing support that will make it possible for more teen mothers. 

I get asked why?
Why do I attend Grace’s Table?
Why have I stayed a part of this community for YEARS?
I always say food because it’s the frosting on the cake. It’s the simple answer. Like who doesn’t like the frosting? LOL but seriously, it is! Our food partners are great! I don’t remember a BAD meal in my 4 years of being a part of the Grace’s Table “originals”.
ANYWAYS, why do I attend Grace’s Table?
Because the support I have there I have NEVER had ANYWHERE. Not family. Not school. Not a relationship. Literally no where!
It’s the family I never had.
Families have bad times, and there has been bad times. I don’t agree and get upset, but it’s not because anything wrong was done. It’s because I didn’t want to hear it. Even though it was the truth or what was best.
I felt most connected to my Grace’s Table family when they helped lay my other half (my kids’ dad) to rest. Not because of the financial support, but the emotional supportThey came to his funeral. Even some of the other moms of Grace’s Table came to support me. They helped get my girls and I necklaces with his ashes in them. Just a lot of support during the hardest part of my life.
They were also there for me when I came into some legal trouble and they supported me in the way I needed at the time, and after they helped keep me out of that trouble.

This fall I completed my GED and will be the FIRST generation of my family to go to college!!! If Lisa and Jess, my mentor, didn’t push me to do that I probably still wouldn’t have it.
This community is EVERYTHING to me and what I named here is not even the second layer of my cake.
Every mom needs a Grace’s Table in their life!


When we connect with a girl between the ages of 13-24 who is pregnant and/or parenting we meet her where she is at and we begin with the base layer of the cake. Or as in the story above, we start with frosting :) You put a little frosting down to stabilize the cake. (You're welcome for that baking tip.) Seriously though, we begin with meeting basic needs like meals, diapers, safe transportation, and we build from there. 

Pictured above are the 5 key areas where we meet young mothers on their journey from adolescence to motherhood.

There are a lot of ingredients in this recipe, and a lot of people who make it possible. People like you and me! Below are the some of the ways our moms and kiddos would describe our "cake".


In the story above you heard this Mama mention that she is a "Grace's Table original".

Since she used the analogy of a cake, it seemed appropriate to use a birthday cake to describe a few of the things we do at Grace's Table.

December 8th is our birthday! 

It is the day we officially became an organization in 2014, but we are not just an organization. We are a family, and families take time to grow. Thank you for helping us grow!

We absolutely love these families and are so grateful to be able to share a story of impact like the one above. 

With Deepest Gratitude,

Lisa E. Anderson
Founding Director
Grace's Table