Teen mothers find SPACE at the Table

Through the support of Grace’s Table teen mothers find the SPACE they need to make important decisions, take next steps, and flourish into the young women God created them to become. Girls find hope, realize their value, and explore their purpose within the context of a healthy community. We do this with a holistic approach, keeping the whole person in mind: Physical, Mental Wellness, Social, and Spiritual.

We focus on five-key areas which provide them with critical SPACE:

Spiritual exploration

Let’s take a look at Spiritual Exploration. Dana committed to her spiritual journey this year. She attended church a couple times as a child, and she knew Jesus died. This she was sure of.

We asked if she knew what happened after that and she stared at us blankly.

Friend, he’s not dead! There’s so much more to the story we told her.  You should have seen the look on her face. Since that day she asks a lot of questions about the Bible, about Jesus, and tells us how the text we are reading applies to much of what she is experiencing.  She feels comfortable to explore and ask questions.

Something has been awakened in her heart.

She uses the materials she accesses through Grace’s Table to feed her growing curiosity and to teach her little boys about Jesus. They are learning together.

Everyone is excited to start our next Bible Study and use the new journaling Bibles they received for Christmas. Dana’s already started coloring her Bible and wants you to know that she is going to have the prettiest one!


Dana and her friends unwrapped their Bibles, opened the cover, and read this handwritten message,

“The Creator of the Universe is madly and passionately in love with YOU”.

If time stands still, it most definitely did in this moment because you helped give her SPACE on her spiritual journey, and she’s experiencing the love of Jesus because of your generosity.

Having the necessary space and access to resources to help moms like Dana is crucial to the Spiritual exploration process.

With just days left to give in 2018 I am asking that you give a sacrificial year-end gift to provide more girls the SPACE they need to explore spirituality, and embrace the truth written just under the cover of the Bible they now hold in their hands.