Gracious Parenting - KIND & FIRM

Gracious Parenting is teaching us language and techniques that allow us to be both KIND & FIRM as we parent our kiddos.

Phrases like, "I can see you are angry; we can talk about this when we both feel better." Or redirecting our kiddos to an activity that provides a healthy outlet for emotions can be super helpful.

In one of our classes, a mama learned about making a stress ball to help her kiddo with some big emotions. 

Check out their creation below. Isn't it awesome?!?! All you need are a few balloons and some flour.

Would a stress ball be something helpful for you or your kiddos? Check out these instructions to make your very own. 

If you make a stress ball be sure to post it to instagram and tag us @aroundgracestable and use our hashtag #GraciousParentingGT.

TIPS: Use three balloons for durability, and make sure you get as much air out of the balloon as possible.

We love seeing our families take the information they are learning and put it into practice. This family shared, "The stress ball has been very helpful. He loves it! Sometimes to much and it popped (laughter). We added three balloons now to make it stronger, but we love this and it works!"

Leave a comment with encouragement or ideas that have worked for you to be both Kind & Firm.