Mentoring through Storms

It started out a quiet Sunday evening. Doing a bedtime routine that I had done hundreds, maybe thousands of times before, but not finding rest after the lights were turned off as I would normally. Then the text came through… “Are you awake?”
Not far away, storms were descending upon the city and warnings abounded. Lightning lit up the sky, thunder crashed, and the wind howled. And a young mom, still not used to living on her own, reached out. “I hate thunderstorms.” 
Throughout our texts back and forth, I sent updates of what the radar looked like online, as well as where the warnings and worst of the storm was to help calm nerves. We talked about praying and finding a song that would be a comfort and calming in the midst of the chaos happening outside. But then I remembered the story of Jesus calming the storm and sent that along. {Matthew 8:23-27} 
Sometimes the fierce storms come up on us quickly. Yet there are other times we can see them coming from miles away… and can’t seem to change the fact that the storm feels like it is coming for us, no matter the path we choose. As Matthew shows us in this story, Jesus is always there… and will rebuke the wind and the waves. But we need to keep our faith that He is there to protect us no matter the how the storm rages and the chaos envelops us. 

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Today it was a literal thunderstorm, but tomorrow it could be unexpected car repairs or needing to find a new place to live.

And sometimes, for young moms or even those with years of life experience, knowing that you have someone that has taken the road before us, providing wisdom surrounding the storms we encounter in our lives and reminding us that our Savior is there beside us each step of the way, can make all the difference.
As a follower of Christ, I love that He has brought me to Grace’s Table to share my life with these women. In doing life with them, I can share my experiences and my faith. And hopefully, I can show them, even through the storms I’ve encountered, that God has been by my side the whole time. 

Mentor at Grace's Table


Julie, also known as Aunt JuJu to her nephews & niece, has been a partner of Grace's Table for several years, and moved into mentoring a little over a year ago. In addition to mentoring she offers support and guidance during tax season for our families. Julie is a Compliance Manager with LVZ Advisors, Inc., and a genealogy guru! As a member of the Western Michigan Genealogical Society, she has recently taken on the role of Editor of the Michigana - a quarterly magazine of the Western Michigan Genealogy Society. In her free time, she enjoys researching genealogy, digital photography, writing, reading, and playing board games.