What are the Chances?

This summer I had the opportunity to vacation with some of my family. I spent time reading, planning, connecting with loved ones, and enjoyed letting the waves wash over me (and take me out a couple times).
One evening my Dad shared stories from the PAC Tour he rode in 1996. This was ranked as one of the most difficult bicycling tours in the world! He rode his bike coast to coast, a total of 2,884 miles with 75,000 feet of climbing in 23 consecutive days. 
He told us that on the first day of the ride he was in trouble when the bearings in his front wheel began to make a lot of noise. Biking downhill at 45 mph was precarious at best. 
Can you imagine? 
His team leader wasn’t able to fix the issue because the parts needed were for an advanced wheel and not likely to be found in this tiny, remote town near the Mexican border. A Connecticut-based engineer from Spinergy, the manufacturer of my Dad’s wheel, happened to be checking in for the night and took interest in all the cyclists and learned of the issue at hand. 
What are the chances?!
The engineer happened to be waiting for an associate from a plant in Mexico, who would accompany him to a bicycle show in California the next day. He diagnosed the problem and called his associate who brought the parts from Mexico. The engineer went the extra mile to repair the wheel that night.
Again, what are the chances?!
22 years later my Dad was sharing this story with his Grandkids during our vacation, but this story wasn’t about chances. 
This story was about a God who provides before we know there is a need.
I often times find myself asking, “What are the chances?”, but listening to my Dad recount this experience reminded me of God’s provision, and encouraged me to be looking for it and being grateful.
There are so many stories of provision in the life of Grace’s Table, and I look forward to sharing them with you!

Have you seen God’s provision in your life this summer? Tell us about it!
Grace & Peace,

P.S. Did you hear? Our family is growing!