You Made it Happen!

Mia experienced a lot as a young child. In her words, “Growing up I experienced things nobody, certainly no child, should ever have to experience. I needed my mother, but we all ended up separated.” Today Mia is the mother of a 1-year old bundle of joy, and a 5-year old determined and helpful Kindergartner. She is raising her children, working, and going to school to earn her diploma. It keeps her busy. 
Even though she has reconnected with her mother, she admits she needs someone to encourage her to keep going, to show her the way, and help her stay on track. Mia is experiencing loneliness and longing for connection. She would love to have a Mentor. With all she is handling she has found it hard to get to church and often prays that God would help her find a way to connect to Him.
One day an invitation to Grace’s Table showed up on her phone.

This was what Mia saw on her phone.

This was what Mia saw on her phone.


It talked about community and looked like something she might enjoy. She took a chance, accepted the invitation, and then bravely rang our doorbell. We helped her get acclimated to our space as we did a walk through. Her eyes lit up when she saw Room to Grow – our new area for kids and she questioned,

"who built this place?"

I shared with her that YOU made it happen. Because YOU believe in the power of community, teen mothers, their kiddos, and their futures YOU said yes to building a space where they could be empowered, educated, and encouraged in their faith. 

After her kiddos were settled in and playing, we headed to join the group for Bible study. After our time together, she shared the following, “I feel like this is an answer to my prayers. I’ve needed this and been asking God for something. Maybe this is it.” 

Maybe it is, Mia!


Today, I want to thank YOU for being part of God's provision in Mia’s life. When you said YES to building Room to Grow at  Grace’s Table you invested in this young girl who would one day walk through the door and find something she had been looking for... a place to connect with God and community. That’s pretty awesome if you ask me!

Grace & Peace,

P.S. Here is a tiny glimpse of a before and after picture of Room to Grow, but let's plan a time for you to visit and see it in all it's glory.