S is for Spiritual Exploration

At Grace’s Table, Tuesdays are for teen mamas exploring the Bible together. Over the past two years, the interest in and attendance at these Bible studies has grown. Grace’s Table moms are digging in deep and asking big, tough questions, and God is revealing His goodness in awesome ways.


This year, one mom started coming to Bible study unsure, really, of what she might find. She’d been to church a few times as a child and knew Jesus died. But when asked if she knew what happened next, she stared blankly. Thanks to Grace’s Table, this mama now knows that Jesus is not dead, but is living and active. She’s learning to believe He loves her and has a plan for her. She uses the materials she accesses through Grace’s Table to feed her growing curiosity and to teach her little boys about Jesus. They are learning together.

Another young mama had a budding relationship with God, but found it difficult to attend church while working, caring for her 1- and 5-year-olds, and earning her high school diploma. She prayed God would help her find a way to connect with Him and to contend with the loneliness and isolation she felt. Then one day, she saw an invitation to the Grace’s Table Bible study online. She came — and afterward, she shared: “I feel like this is an answer to my prayers. I’ve needed this, and been asking God for something. Maybe this is it.”

Will you join me in giving sacrificially to help Grace’s Table reach more young, curious women through the Word and through a safe community in which to explore and ask questions?

A Framework for Growth

At Grace’s Table, we’re all about SPACE. Space is what’s provided for teen moms and their littles — space free from judgement, space to have their basic needs met, and space to belong, to grow in community with one another and to grow in depth within their own personhood and family unit.

“SPACE” is also the framework for this growth at Grace’s Table. By focusing on five key areas — Spiritual exploration, Parenting, Adolescence, Career and Education (SPACE) — Grace’s Table helps young moms (ages 13-24) realize their value, explore their purpose, make important decisions and become the women God created them to be.

To continue changing lives, though, Grace’s Table needs more physical space. They’re growing and have maxed out the ways its existing property can be expanded and utilized. AND, there’s a HUGE unmet need for providing stable housing for families during difficult times, or as mamas are getting on their feet.

In 2017, we completed a construction project, and the basement of our current location was finished to provide a safe play area for children, as well as a bathroom with a shower and a laundry room for families to use throughout the week. The children’s play area freed up space upstairs for more moms to gather on Friday nights for “Around the Table” and made it possible for Grace Table’s to offer a permanent Tuesday night Bible study for moms (previously, it was offered just a few times a year). (Watch the video to learn more about the last expansion).

The response to this new space was exactly what we had hoped: moms are coming to Bible study, using the laundry and bath facilities, and more women and children are being served. On any given Friday or Tuesday night, it’s not uncommon to have 10-15 moms, 15-20 children, and 5-10 mentors and volunteers gather for dinner in an 800-square-foot space — and they’d love to be able to invite more families! Except, there’s no room.

A new property has been located that would allow for expanded programs and services — AND meet that HUGE need for housing!

Together, we are raising money to impact more families. Together, we can do this! Help us today to provide more SPACE for grace!