A Mother's Day Adventure

Friday night we hit the road for a Mother's Day Adventure. The shuttle pulled up around 6 and the squeals began, or should I say continued? Having no idea what surprises we had in store for them, the mamas piled onto the bus and the excitement grew. Where are we going? What are we doing? We guessed, we snapped pics, and the questions continued.

Before our first stop each mom was handed a little note to tell her what was in store at this location.

Some friends got started with a pedicure, others ate dinner and visited, and the tired ones settled into the couch and dozed off a bit after a very long week of work, school, and family life.

After some fun at the salon, we got back on the bus and continued heading north. Where were we going? There's nothing out this far. We giggled about a nature adventure, and the moans and groans began. We arrived at the destination and the girls were relieved to see this is where we would have dessert and commence our evening. Luckily for us there was a beautiful natural area behind the parking lot and we did end up incorporating a little nature into the night. With pretty toes some frolicked right into the wooded area and some had to be strongly encourage LOL

As we gathered for dessert we talked about the importance of gathering together and extending community. 

Mamas talked with one another about their Mother's Day experiences. There was boisterous laugher over the fun filled days, and tears streaming down as we recounted the loss of children gone to soon.

These precious ones know great joy and some even greater pain. Dear Mamas, on this Mother's Day we want you to know we celebrate YOU and the life you have carried, the ones you never met, the ones you've held and had to let go, the ones you raised and had to place in Jesus' arms too soon, and the ones who keep you up all night. We see you, Sweet Sister. Today we celebrate you and remember all the babies <3

Here are some of the moms opening the last part of their gifts:  When God Made You is a beautiful story that will not only speak truth to her child, but also to her heart. They also received a coffee mug, because parenting needs fuel and sometimes that comes in the form of coffee after a sleepless night. Lastly, a gift card to take a friend for coffee. We continue to encourage moms to extend their community and find hope together.

We ended our evening on sparkly, sweet note. No, seriously! Do you see all the edible glitter on those sweet treats? Thank you Chef Jenna for adding even more glam to the night! 

A little rest, a little self care, rich conversations, sweet treats, and the dearest friends made for one memorable adventure. Are you tired of all the pics yet? Neither are we! Just a few more... 

Thank you to everyone who made this Mother's Day Adventure so special!

We could not have asked for better weather and a better backdrop to enjoy our time together. Reese & Renee are responsible for capturing all of these beautiful moments. THANK YOU! The pics are amazing, but that is reflective of the people they are, so it makes perfect sense. Thank you for engaging in every part of this night with us!

Now, back to the magic of motherhood. There were some bright eyed littles waiting for us, and some who had already crashed. I could not think of a better way to end the evening than wrapping our arms around our kiddos. Thank you for making us mamas!

We just have to say it again, THANK YOU to everyone who made this night possible!



A Life Changing Experience

It takes courage to try something new. Imagine you are a teenager, pregnant, and you are walking into someone's house for dinner (someone you don't know). You would probably be dealing with competing emotions as you take that first step into the unknown. It takes bravery, strength, and courage! Week after week, we see moms display these very attributes. We asked one of our friends to share about her experience as she stepped into the unknown and got involved with Around the Table. Enjoy!

Genesis 6, the Kitchen Table & Our Name

I prayed for a long time about the name of the ministry God had placed in my heart. Not just any name would do, it had to have meaning. On March 7, 2014, I was reading Genesis 6 and when I came to verse 8 it caused me to pause, “But Noah found grace in the eyes of the Lord.” As I looked up the meaning of grace I read that it meant favor. I believe that we have favor with God, and that it is because of his saving grace that we can have relationship with him. This verse made me think back to a time when my boy was small and we were just getting established in a place of our own.

Two Pink Lines

On August 30, 1994 I walked into the Crisis Pregnancy Center at 1:00 PM. I remember how scared I had been to make that appointment, but I was even more scared as I walked into that little house in downtown Rochester. I remember what I wore: a navy romper, from The Limited, that zipped up the back and white Keds. It was my Freshman year of college, I was 17 years old, and I had never felt so alone in my entire life.