Grace’s Table is here for you!

We are a family of teen moms and their children, along with a dedicated group of volunteers and staff called to serve them in a time of transition, uncertainty, insecurity and doubt. We walk together, equipping, educating, encouraging and empowering each other with our eyes fixed on a hopeful future.

Grace’s Table is for you and we are so glad you’ve found your way to our website! Whether this is the first time we’re meeting you or you’ve already been a part of our family, we just want you to know how grateful we are that you’re here. 

Please learn all you can on the site or on our social media accounts and give us a call so we can get to know you better. Or, you can fill out the form below and we’ll call you!


You can read more about how we serve our moms and their kids on the WHAT WE DO (link) page. In addition, we’ve put together a list of partners and other resources that you may find helpful as you navigate life right now.