On Giving Tuesday your gift supports life changing counseling for young mothers through their connection with Grace's Table. 

In 2017, we had a total of 10 families engage in counseling and it has been life changing!

Counseling has helped me immensely this year! Through helping me with major life changes and working with me to develop better healthier coping skills. I have also continued to work on issues from the past and growing from it and not letting it control my day to day life.

This young mother has done the hard work of showing up and facing things in her life, both present and past, but the work is not finished. Your Giving Tuesday gift allows her to continue her journey of healing, wholeness, and freedom.

This is just one of the quotes from the young women at Grace's Table, but their are many more who are currently receiving counseling or ready to take this next step. Will you help her? 

The need for counseling is great. Here are a few reasons why: 

  • Life is hard enough during adolescence and becomes significantly more challenging with the birth of a child. 
  • Teen moms face constant shaming and stigma, and are pushed to the fringe of society instead of being welcomed as the full human individuals that they are. Counseling gives them the tools to navigate through this pain. 
  • When teens with mental illness become moms, they may find it very difficult to parent a child in a healthy way. Counseling gives them the tools they need to be fully present and available as a parent.
  • Untreated mental health concerns in parenting often intensifies guilt and leaves them feeling as though they aren’t parenting their best. Counseling can reveal wellness needs. 
  • The highest incidence of postpartum depression (PPD) is among girls age 15 to 19 – at a rate twice as high as PPD in moms older than 25. Counseling helps teen moms survive and thrive PPD. 

Thank you for your partnership, both on this Giving Tuesday and in the years to come. Please consider becoming a monthly partner today.