Grace's Table

Grace’s Table is a community where girls are welcomed as they are, invited to connect with others, and become a part of the family.

In a time of uncertainty and turmoil, Grace’s Table is a resting place, an anchor, and a firm foundation for teen mothers and their children, from mothers-to-be, to newborns and  toddlers.

Grace’s Table represents safety and stability in the midst of uncertainty. When day-to-day living is filled with insecurity and doubt, our girls know they can rely on our volunteers for comfort, support, knowledge, and assurance.

There is always room for one more at Grace’s Table. Won't you join us?

our mission

Each year 500 teenage girls, between the ages of 15-19, experience an unplanned pregnancy in Grand Rapids. The journey of the teen parent can be full of uncertainty, but Grace's Table is here to share hope for the future of their family.


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get involved

Your skills and passions can be utilized to connect with and impact the lives and futures of our families. You can become a partner in defending the fatherless today. Ready to take the next step?


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