An Unforgettable Gift

This Mother's Day, you can give one mother an unforgettable gift; sponsor her Mother's Day celebration

Last year Douglas' Mama began attending Bible Study at Grace's Table on Tuesday nights. She asked thoughtful questions about her budding relationship with God, and tender questions about her ever changing body and upcoming delivery. Last week, at just 34.5 weeks along, she delivered a 5 pound 8 ounce little guy - Douglas! The doctors and staff are making sure his lungs get good and strong before he heads home to find his new normal with his precious Mama. This birth will make Mother's Day all the sweeter for her and our community!

When you sponsor Mother's Day for Douglas' Mama, or one of her friends, she will experience an evening full of laughter, creativity, and fun! 

We keep our exact plans for Mother's Day "top secret" because we don't want to spoil the surprise for any Mamas. Check out the pictures below for a recap of last year's celebration!

Remember that your act of kindness can, and will, make her Mother's Day!

Will you join us this year by sponsoring our Mother's Day celebration?

Thank you for making this special experience possible!

Gracious Parenting - KIND & FIRM

Gracious Parenting is teaching us language and techniques that allow us to be both KIND & FIRM as we parent our kiddos.

Phrases like, "I can see you are angry; we can talk about this when we both feel better." Or redirecting our kiddos to an activity that provides a healthy outlet for emotions can be super helpful.

In one of our classes, a mama learned about making a stress ball to help her kiddo with some big emotions. 

Check out their creation below. Isn't it awesome?!?! All you need are a few balloons and some flour.

Would a stress ball be something helpful for you or your kiddos? Check out these instructions to make your very own. 

If you make a stress ball be sure to post it to instagram and tag us @aroundgracestable and use our hashtag #GraciousParentingGT.

TIPS: Use three balloons for durability, and make sure you get as much air out of the balloon as possible.

We love seeing our families take the information they are learning and put it into practice. This family shared, "The stress ball has been very helpful. He loves it! Sometimes to much and it popped (laughter). We added three balloons now to make it stronger, but we love this and it works!"

Leave a comment with encouragement or ideas that have worked for you to be both Kind & Firm.




Our Room To Grow Build Out Is Complete - How did that happen?

Hey Friends! It's Lisa here. Will you go on a little journey with me? Grace's Table is having a Dedication Open House tonight for Room to Grow, but I would love to give you a little bit of the back-story.

It was July 2016, when I gathered with women from all over the Metro-Detroit Area to share the vision I had for Grace's Table. I shared how some of this would impact my personal journey, and some steps of faith that I knew I needed to take.


On this incredible night, I took a leap of faith and shared two life changing things:

I was going to leave 20 years of incredible opportunities in finance to work full time in the non-profit world. Whew! That was faith talking, but I had peace about this being the next step I needed to take. In January 2017, I left an amazing career with Bank of America and haven't looked back since. I am grateful for the way the Bank infused life into my passion for teen mamas and our community, and for the many friendships I maintain from all those years!

Next up was regarding Grace's Table. I shared about a need for space to meet the current demands of serving teen mamas and their littles, but also that the space would provide room for growth. I asked this group of women to pray with me as I boldly walked into this journey of taking a 1923 basement and making it into a space that would be inviting to serve young families. Check out the space in it's raw state below. Trust me, this story gets WAY better if you keep reading.


Bruce Heys Builders and Lorenz & Co. heard about what we wanted to do and the plans were drawn up and we needed to raise $50,000 to convert this space. This is where we invited you all to pray with us, and pray we did! 

Grace's Table Kari Dawson Photography-81.jpg

Next up, was was participating in a documentary with Our Daily Bread. Phillip Palacios asked if he could film me sharing intimate details of my journey of learning more about who I am in Christ. The film debuted at the Celebration Cinema North and the theatre was filled as people watched Sons & Daughters a thirst for belonging. After the viewing, those of us in the documentary came on stage and fielded questions from the audience. Again, I shared of my plans to launch this building project. 

Fun little fact: This shot is in the entryway of Grace's Table. On this night my Dad happened to be in town and was making dinner for all of the families who would gather. Now he's a pretty good chef, but even the best chefs can smoke up the house. Phillip used the "great smoke out" to get this sweet shot! I love this memory!

Fun little fact: This shot is in the entryway of Grace's Table. On this night my Dad happened to be in town and was making dinner for all of the families who would gather. Now he's a pretty good chef, but even the best chefs can smoke up the house. Phillip used the "great smoke out" to get this sweet shot! I love this memory!

Fast forward to March 2017...Dare to Be was in town for an incredible night of worship and learning. In every town they go to they honor regular people like you and me, but someone fills out a nomination form about why they think you should be nominated. Unbeknownst to me, two friends did just that! I'll let you in on a little secret...Natalie and Charlotte, the Dare to Be masterminds, make women ugly cry in the best possible way! I am comfortable to say this with confidence because it happened to me! Proof below...


I was nominated you guys! That's me covering my mouth, ugly crying as they tell me they are going to invest in Room to Grow at Grace's Table.

I was nominated you guys! That's me covering my mouth, ugly crying as they tell me they are going to invest in Room to Grow at Grace's Table.

That night, Dare to Be honored a woman by the name of Kristina Fairchild who runs a group called Kind Like Katie. Kind Like Katie operates in the spirit of Kristina's daughter Katie who passed away in 2015. They are doing amazing things in our community and paying forward kindness the way Katie always did. Well, to be Kind Like Katie, the Dare to Be Team decided they were going to pay it forward and they made a significant investment in our expansion project, Room to Grow. I was blown away!!!

Fast forward one me a lot has happened during this time. We  transformed that 1923 basement into one of the most beautiful places I have ever seen! Now the kiddos of Grace's Table cry when they have to leave, and the mamas wept in disbelief that, "someone did all of this for us?". Yes, Sweet Ones. This is for you and your littles because you need a safe place where you can build community, learn, and grow.

We affectionately call this space ROOM TO GROW, and we hope you will join us tonight, March 22 from 5:00 - 8:00 PM. There are a bunch of very special people who financially invested in this project to ensure it came to life. We want to thank them! 

This was the sped up version of highlights. There are so many things that made Room to Grow possible, and I would love to share a story or two with you in person. I sure would love to see you at the Open House tonight! We hope you'll load the family into car and head our way anytime between 5-8 PM. There will be a special dedication at 6:30.

P.S. There are a boat load of amazing give aways, but you have to enter to win at the event. Thank you to these local companies for the truly incredible give aways - Adored Boutique, Posh Petals, Global Infusion, Horrocks Market, Capelli Salon, Allegro Coaching, and more.

Screen Shot 2018-03-22 at 12.08.02 AM.png



It's the story we all fear accidentally over-hearing, for when we hear we are responsible to listen. 

It's the story of parental abuse and neglect, of basic lack of care, of simply looking the other way.

It's the story of loss and grief, of primary, secondary and tertiary trauma.

It's the story that could have repeated itself given all the right circumstances and basic review of the facts. 

Teen mom gives birth to daughter and in good time, daughter becomes a teen mom.

It's the story that could have been another case study for cyclical poverty and child protective service involvement.

But she didn't allow that cycle of abandonment and neglect to continue, even in the face of significant barriers and obstacles.

She chose to own her story, to fight for her daughter.

She chose to own her family, to believe that she can and will do better and she chose to stand firm in the belief that it all begins with her.

As you think about where you will invest your time and energy in 2018, we encourage you to consider walking with a teen mom and her little one. 




At times it is hard to believe that just a few short years ago there was one mom and child sitting at our table. 

Because of YOU hundreds of mothers and hundreds of children have been nourished, loved, and walked with over these past few years at Grace's Table.

Girls like Abby. 

Struggling with depression and social anxiety, Abby craved a one to one connection with a mentor.

This year she secretly delivered a child and placed the baby for adoption. She is broken hearted and continues to meet with her mentor for support. She is working up the courage to go to counseling but the grief is too thick right now. 

While we celebrate life with a lot of mamas, we also stand with them and grieve loss. Girls like Abby are adjusting to a rapidly changing world. Some celebrate life, and some heave sobs from the deepest place over inconceivable loss.

Girls like Abby are adjusting to their bodies as they change to carry life. While others try to understand their now empty bodies, their minds run wild trying to adjust to the loss of life once carried deep within.

Girls like Abby shed tears of joy over a tiny hand that touches their face. While others with broken hearts and outstretched arms try to make sense of the child they are placing in another's arms for adoption. And, hearts broken, some girls struggle to say goodbye to their babies delivered a few months too early.

Girls like Abby are in need of belonging. A soft place to land. A steady place to rage. A community to hold the pieces while she frantically tries to gather all the fragments of a shattered heart. She needs friends turned family who will celebrate this unknown journey she embarks upon.

YOU have provided a safe place for Abby at Grace's Table and our hearts are full with gratefulness.

There's still time this year to help girls like Abby. You can help us finish strong, and grow to serve many more girls in the years ahead! We have already done so much together, and we know there is so much more we will do!

Will you help a girl like Abby today? Please click here to make a special year-end donation to continue providing safe space for girls in the years to come.

With Gratitude,
Lisa E. Anderson